Our Vision in Safe Cities

Erus Group helps cities fight crime and improve public safety.

Why safe cities?

Cities around the world are getting more crowded. Unfortunately, that also means urban delinquency and criminality are on the rise. When lives are at stake, seconds count. Smart systems could optimize your call centers and field operations. Imagine cutting your emergency response times by 20 to 35 percent. That would mean you can save hundreds of lives each year.

Safe cities are better cities.

Urban security is a growing problem worldwide. As a result, civic resources are under pressure. However, it is possible to ensure your citizen’s safety, speed up emergency services response time and deepen trust in public safety efforts. Using real-time data and AI, you can predict hazardous events like terrorism, trafficking, industrial accidents, and natural disasters.

We build safer cities.

ERUS Group’s experts help public safety organizations in environmental monitoring and emergency management by building capabilities such as real-time intelligence, appropriate agency responses, and rapid public communications. Let’s work together to make your city safer.

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